Can I get Rent Credit toward Purchase?

Yes you can! We offer 2 options to our Commercial Monthly Rental customers to receive rent credit for a portion of the monthly rates paid within the first 12 months depending on when you exercise the purchase option.

Purchase in 1st to 6th Month

If you're a Commercial customer renting Monthly and decide to exercise a purchase option for the equipment within the first 6 Months (1st to 6th Month) You will receive a 75% Rent Credit starting from the 1st month.

Purchase in 7th to 12th Month

Alternatively, if you decide to exercise a purchase option for the equipment from the 7th Month to 12th Month- You will receive a 50% Rent Credit starting from the 1st month.


  • All Monthly Periods have been paid in full and on time.
  • All necessary Service and Maintenance intervals and equipment "swap" out" exchanges have been properly adhered to and performed on time.
  • There are no unresolved issues such as damages or required repairs to the equipment not covered by the preventative maintenance, warranty, or customer provided insurance of the equipment.
  • Customer has complied with all terms and conditions of Monthly Rental agreement at the time or exercising purchase option.